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Linden deleted me from his friends list.
Sorry about all the posts about him....I'm just, strange/obsessive.
I'm over reacting. I shouldn't care so much, but I do.

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iDealinTravestys (6:20:56 AM): I'm jealis
Asians are hXc (6:20:56 AM): jealous
Asians are hXc (6:20:58 AM): come here!
iDealinTravestys (6:21:08 AM): I did that on purpose
iDealinTravestys (6:21:17 AM): wjhee afre you?
Asians are hXc (6:21:14 AM): So I'd correct you?
Asians are hXc (6:21:18 AM): my house
iDealinTravestys (6:21:21 AM): yeah
iDealinTravestys (6:21:29 AM): its cute
Asians are hXc (6:21:46 AM): Whatt? How? I'm so confused, again.
iDealinTravestys (6:22:00 AM): you correcting me
Asians are hXc (6:22:14 AM): That made me blush
iDealinTravestys (6:22:30 AM): awww
iDealinTravestys (6:22:52 AM): good blush or bad?
Asians are hXc (6:23:05 AM): good
iDealinTravestys (6:23:14 AM): score
Asians are hXc (6:23:22 AM): apple core

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Don't know what to do.
I want this to be over, yet someone I truly admire wants it to have a new beginning.
"What happened?"
You may ask.
The answer is I honestly don't know.
People that weren't there tell me what happened.
I can choose to believe them or not.
You think I'm lying.
I really wish I was, it would be so much simpler.
I never told you what happened.
I never contradicted you.
You just assumed I knew and you were right.
So in all technicality, you're right and I'm wrong.
Don't believe in right or wrong.
But you do.
And you also say it's my fault.
I love you, so you can get away with it.

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My birthday is in a week ]:
The thought of that makes me really sad...?
I'm not exactly sure why but it does.
I want to shower.
I showered less than 16 hours ago, but whatever, I like it.
But Savannah just likes to sit in my room and watch me change.
Yeah, she's little, so I don't really care.
This family is so lax and liberal.I love it. Yesterday I was in the bathroom, and keddy was in there with me(I was just putting on make up) and he said "I can tell you're really liberal."
I was like "oh? How?"
And he said "You seem so intelligent. I admire you"

I love Keddy, man.
He's soooo cuteeeeee when he smiles.
Which is all the time.

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My Aunt and Uncle are unbelievably wealthy.
This evening we sat around drinking wine that cost 70 dollars, eating fancy cheese, and playing Bridge.
Oh, and the have the most beautiful house too.
I'll post pictures when I get home.

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You know what I realized?
I used to be really cute.
I was looking at pictures of me, and I was like "awh"
I really miss my blonde hair. I'm happy it's getting lighter.


My life revolves around the actions and plans of my family.

I'm not kiddding, it's true.

Like, today, my plans were either to go to Zack's house, with Corina, and watch them make out, go to Carowinds, with my mom and her school, or go to work, with Veronica.


I'm serious though, they really do.

My mom doesn't even buy me food.

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I wonder if people actually really, love me.

I mean, my friends say that they do.

I hardly believe them.

My mom is interrogating me, about finishing this science project.

I have to do it about scandium, ew.

Who knows anything about that sickening mineral?!

Veronica is annoying me too.

Acting like she's so fucking great.